Friday, February 8, 2013


You are...

Wonderfully weird, 
Playfully serious,
Annoyingly optimistic,

Painfully indifferent, 
Rarely curious,
Adorably dyslexic!

You are...

Sinfully sweet,
Pleasantly neurotic,
Hardly resistible,

A waking dream,
A soothing song,
Constantly unpredictable!

You are...

Purely evil,
Occasionally kind,
Devilishly graceful,

Fashionably late,
Simply complicated,
Entirely beautiful!!

You are...

Frustratingly close,
yet so far,
A puzzle, a conundrum, 
A bittersweet oxymoron,
As much as I wish you'd stop,
I beg you to please go on!!


sahan said...

it is really creative n wonderfully fabricated..:)..Like to repeat this

"Wonderfully weird,
Playfully serious,
Annoyingly optimistic,"

Keep it up..publish somewhere may help to someone to sink in own thoughts for a moment ,

Dk said...

After a longtime a post. Happy to see one. This one is like professional.

But want to know who is that 'You'??

Dk said...

I like the part
'You are a waking dream,
A soothing song
and Unpredictable'.

Niceeeee.. :)

renold said...

Akiii ... a well indited post from you after ages :) nice.. well played with adjectives..keep writing!!!

Sakthi said...

Excellent lines, and after a long time!! :) Great one.