Friday, February 8, 2013


You are...

Wonderfully weird, 
Playfully serious,
Annoyingly optimistic,

Painfully indifferent, 
Rarely curious,
Adorably dyslexic!

You are...

Sinfully sweet,
Pleasantly neurotic,
Hardly resistible,

A waking dream,
A soothing song,
Constantly unpredictable!

You are...

Purely evil,
Occasionally kind,
Devilishly graceful,

Fashionably late,
Simply complicated,
Entirely beautiful!!

You are...

Frustratingly close,
yet so far,
A puzzle, a conundrum, 
A bittersweet oxymoron,
As much as I wish you'd stop,
I beg you to please go on!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Things

A cup of coffee in hand on a rainy day,
Sitting by the window with no words to say.
Waking up in the morning by your faithful dog’s lick,
Just when you thought the snooze button was pressed.
Turning into a child thinking no one’s around,
with what’s left of that chocolate bar or that melting ice cream cone.
Your best friend sharing that last bit of food,
Knowing you like it and you never thought they would.
Jumping on the couch, beloved team’s winning goal,
Looking around for a high-five and finding you’re not alone.
A child smiling at you with his sweet innocent face,
When you felt like a stranger at some random new place.
Getting cold at night in half sleep, blanket forgotten,
Waking up cuddled under mom’s blanket, not knowing since when.
Tapping fingers, swaying to your favourite tune,
Finding someone doing the same and that they like it too.
Hundreds of moments, a million beautiful sights to remind,
The way we see the world is a matter of heart and mind.
Ignored, forgotten, taken for granted, some little things in life,
Fill our lives with joy, gives us hope, and
For those Little Things we unknowingly strive.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prince of Darkness

He came at night, my dark angel,
With gleaming eyes of red,
The prince of darkness, or the king perhaps,
A seventh heaven from hell.

He was cold as ice and pale as snow,
With face of god himself,
Yet he’s no god, but devil’s own,
Who sets forbidden flames aglow.

He spoke of words, no bard knew,
Words that dripped of honey,
Closer he stepped, a new world unveiled,
As His dark enchantment grew.

He held my face, caught his breath,
His fingers graceful, skilled.
To my throat he brought his lips,
To plant his kiss of death.

He drank my blood, imbibed my soul,
And yet I felt no pain,
He had me gripped under his spell,
Fulfilling his infernal goal.

He seized my heart, me- His eternal prisoner,
Captured, bewitched and conquered.
Yet I long to stay this way forever,
In arms of my Vampire lover.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Am scared,
That i'll miss you.
More scared to be without you.
Am scared of a nightmare.
More scared,
To wake up without you near.
Am scared,
To let you go.
More scared that it'll show.

Am scared,
that you may forget me.
More scared if it's meant to be.

Am scared,
to be alone.
More scared to accept that you'll be gone.

Am scared,
To let you see me cry.
More scared to say goodbye.
But this fear, I hide within.
To give a chance of new life,
for you to begin.

Farewell!! (with hidden tears!)

Monday, March 30, 2009


Apple-Green grass, soft and wet,

Strewn with the morning dew.

The insects asleep in their plush bed,

Wake up to the dawn anew.


Arches of vine, with perfect curves,

Rays of light gliding through,

A bright day, with the beaming sun,

In a vast sky, so blue.


Butterflies dance, the bees sing,

Among those exotic flowers,

In hues only the Heavens would know,

Oh! Those unexplainable colors!


Birds chirp, with their wonderful voice,

No earthly song seems more musical!

A heaven on earth, a utopia,

This is a garden so magical!


A distant thread of a Waterfall

With its sweet waters aglow,

Gushes before its dramatic plunge,

Into the slithering snake of a river below.


Overlooking a narrow gorge,

That's guarded, colossal-walled,

A scenic beauty! The nature's spectacle!

The divine stand enthralled

                    …………to be continued